Honda-Tech Meet

So I was trying to crash the Honda-Tech last weekend with our Skylines, we brought out our R32s(mine and Jake’s of and a R33(Paul) for fun. When we showed up, it was getting kinda packed as we were coming in. We kinda said fuck it and cut the line cuz we are assholes like that and grabbed ourselves a spot between all the Hondas.

What doesn’t belong in this picture???

This RSX on Rezax was pretty clean.

This Genesis was looking pretty good, maybe an inch or 2in lower in the rears would make this car look pretty amazing with the setup it has right now.

This looked really convincing. If you are goin to fake it, at least get a better size and offset and apply the stickers better than this. šŸ˜‰

You better, cuz you’re not going to get much love with that a car like that.

Chrome RGII,one of my favorite wheels, are a rare sight nowadays, and it was a welcoming sight on this slammed S2000.

This super clean E30 is a good example on how people should build cars, simple.

The main part of this day was the opportunity to shoot these amazing looking cars. They were cleanly modded with style and driven pretty much daily, which is pretty risky considering how low all these guys are.

Davis’ RSX is the first car I have to the new polished Work 11R on them, I think the polished/black combo looks really good.

Abel’s TL was simple but worked well on Battles.

Peter’s Z got some new wheels since the last time I took pictures of it. I’m starting to really like the black on polished/silver wheels combo.

Yoshi was rolling hard with this setup as he was joining us for the first shot and leaving in the second shot.

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3 Responses to Honda-Tech Meet

  1. NXXT says:

    Awesome meet for sure! So many sick cars and it wasn’t a Honda only meet in the end. It’s great when many car enthusiasts can come together peacefully and enjoy what they’ve done to their cars. I’m the owner of the yellow Genesis by the way. These wheels are just temporary until my real setup arrives so not too concerned with the drop just yet ;). Also I wish my carbon fiber trunk had arrived a few days earlier before the meet, it’s night and day now with the look of the car. Stay tuned.

  2. Rigo Munoz says:

    awesome pics, the silver s2k is by far my favorite. At the last minute, I decided to wash the track car and show up for the meet…Way more cars than I expected!

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