Ultimate Drift at TMS 6/11/11


Ultimate Drift at TMS 6/11/11, a set on Flickr.

I got invited out to Ultimate Drift at Texas Motor Speedway a few weeks ago. We got some media passes but ended up just shooting from the stands as we didn’t have the “media vest” to go anywhere with a good view of the action. I was kind of disappointed by how show the exhibition was but they put up a nice and exciting show for everyone.

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Jerry Tsai’s IS


Jerry’s IS, a set on Flickr.

Jerry Tsai recently acquired a good amount of carbon goodness for his IS. We went out for a shoot of his car as he has no pictures of the car with this setup yet. Just a small shoot for him to see the car progress as time goes on.

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Overground, a set on Flickr.

I was invited to shoot a skating event in downtown Dallas by Vitamin Water at the Overground project.. This was the first time I have ever shot a sporting event, and to make it even more challenging, it happened to be a skating event. I practically knew nothing about skating or the people involved in it. So I tried my best to capture what I thought was interesting about skating to me. I have no idea if I was able to capture the energy from this event.

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Stew’s BroMobile


Stew’s truck, a set on Flickr.

Stewart Leask, the owner of the silver s13 coupe and red s14, asked us to shoot his towing vehicle that he uses to transport his track cars around in. Usually, I am not a big fan of trucks and all, but his truck is just too much not to shoot it.

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Honda-Tech Meet

So I was trying to crash the Honda-Tech last weekend with our Skylines, we brought out our R32s(mine and Jake’s of WFSU.net) and a R33(Paul) for fun. When we showed up, it was getting kinda packed as we were coming in. We kinda said fuck it and cut the line cuz we are assholes like that and grabbed ourselves a spot between all the Hondas.

What doesn’t belong in this picture???

This RSX on Rezax was pretty clean.

This Genesis was looking pretty good, maybe an inch or 2in lower in the rears would make this car look pretty amazing with the setup it has right now.

This looked really convincing. If you are goin to fake it, at least get a better size and offset and apply the stickers better than this. 😉

You better, cuz you’re not going to get much love with that a car like that.

Chrome RGII,one of my favorite wheels, are a rare sight nowadays, and it was a welcoming sight on this slammed S2000.

This super clean E30 is a good example on how people should build cars, simple.

The main part of this day was the opportunity to shoot these amazing looking cars. They were cleanly modded with style and driven pretty much daily, which is pretty risky considering how low all these guys are.

Davis’ RSX is the first car I have to the new polished Work 11R on them, I think the polished/black combo looks really good.

Abel’s TL was simple but worked well on Battles.

Peter’s Z got some new wheels since the last time I took pictures of it. I’m starting to really like the black on polished/silver wheels combo.

Yoshi was rolling hard with this setup as he was joining us for the first shot and leaving in the second shot.

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Mineral Wells 2/13-14/11 Drift Clinic with Ryan Tuerck and Tony Angelo

Last week, Aaron Losey of Fabricated Motorsports invited Ryan Tuerck and Tony Angelo of Drift Alliance to come to Mineral Wells to do a drift clinic for the local TX drifters. But it turned out we had more than just the locals come out for the clinic, we had guys coming from Missouri, Virginia, and some from California too.

These guys came from St. Louis to attend the clinic, now that’s some dedication to the sport.

The pink zenki was driving most of the weekend, he even bent a tie rod but got lucky when I had an extra set in my car to fix it.

The chaser had some issues the first day, but on the second day he was ripping up the course.

My buddy Nate even came out in his new livery for the 2011 season of XDC. His day ended early due to a broken axle.

Tony and Ryan’s car were having issues all weekend but they did get their cars running enough display some nice runs.

For more pictures, VISIT HERE

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Aubre’s S14

Aubre asked us to shoot her car before she decides to sell it. We went out one late night and here are some of the results. We were joined by Jake from WSFU during the shoot. More to come later!














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